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The legend of Sanada no Osada
The Sanada no Osada is said to be the first rice paddy in Japan. Legend has it that it was made by the god Niniginomikoto.

It is said that when Konohanasakuyahime and Hikohohodeminomikoto were born the rice paddy was named Sanada.

During the time of Shimazunariakira, "Ta no Kami" was erected. In 1915, the village people built a monument call "Sanada no Ato". In 1929, it was named "Kirishima-Jingu no Shinden", and was preserved for a long time. But due to the Agricultural Land Act of 1946, it was privately own. In 1996, it was once again named "Kirishima-Jingu no Shinden", and it is still preserved till this day.

Sanada no Ato and its surrounding area is called "Sanada no Osada". During the mythological age, they celebrated the birth of Hikohohodeminomikoto with the first harvested rice. Also, it was said that there was not enough breast milk to raise him so they used sweet rice wine, made from the havested rice, to raise him.