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The legend of the gods descending to Japan

Long, long time ago before heaven and earth began there were three gods, Amenominakanushinokami, Takamimusubinokami, and Kamimusubinokami. At the end of the seventh generation, two major gods appeared, Izanaginomikoto and Izanaminomikoto. These two gods made Japan and gave birth to the gods (Amaterasuoomikami, Tsukiyunomikoto, and Susanoonomikoto) to presides over it. Amaterasuoomikami was the goddess with the highest virtue so she ruled heaven. Tsukiyuminomikoto was the god of the night. Susanoonomikoto ruled the sea.

Amaterasu-oomikami ordered the god Niniginomikoto to descend down to the lands. Niniginomikoto gathered other gods such as, Amenokoyanenomikoto and Amenofutodamanomikoto, to go down to Nakatsukuni of Toyoashihara. The place where they landed is Mt. Takachiho.
This is the mythology of the descent of the gods.