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The legend of Lake Ohnami
Long time ago at the foothill of the mountain lived a village headmen. He was the wealthest man in the village but was sad that at this age he still did not have a child. So one day, he and his wife went up the mountain to pray to the mountain god for a child.

Soon after they gave birth to a beautiful girl, and raised her with tons of love and affection. Even her name, Ohnami, gave a sense of softness and kindness. Because her beauty and heart was so pure, everyone showed love and affection towards her. The village people thought of her as a reincarnation of a goddess because of her beauty and grace.

During the spring of her 18th bithday, this kind and thoughtful Ohnami began to receive tons of marriage proposals. But she would always fall into deep silence whenever her parents talked about marriage. Seeing the parents' deep consideration towards her feeling, Ohnami could not do anything but cry. Soon she turned into a silent maiden.

Ohnami became ill and her father was in a frenzy to find the best doctor and medicine for her, but she was not getting any better. One night when the moon was shining upon Kirishima's dense forest Ohnami said,

"I want to go up the mountain."

Her father tried hard to change her mind but she would not listen. Soon there were two shadows walking up the mountain. With the faint sound of their footsteps, they went deeper into the silent forest. Eventually they reached the entrance of the lake.

Suddenly Ohnami's eyes shined. She released her father's hand and jumped into the lake. When only small ripples were left, the father realized that he has lost his daugther.
He yelled "Ohnami, Ohnami !"
His voice echoed throughout the forest. Calling out Ohnami's name, he walked around the lake all night until the sun came up. But Ohnami's beauty was never to be seen again.

Ohnami turned out to be the incarnation of the dragon that lived in that lake. Because of the strong feelings of the village headman's wishes, she became their daughter for a while. Since then, this lake became known as "Lake Ohnami".