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The Seven Mysteries of Kirishima
There are various strange phenomenon in Kirishima. People call this the Seven Mysteries

The Unsown seeds
In the mountains of Kirishima, rice grows despite having never been sown by man! Could this be the mythological gift of the gods?

The literary rock
About 2km west of Kirishima Jingu lies a big rock with Sanskrit written on a crevice about 10cm (4 in). This rock cannot be moved by human strength, so who put it there and who carved in the writing?

The tortoise rock
On the path to the rear of the Kirishima Jingu lie a rock that looks like a tortoise. No matter what angle you look at the tortoise rock, it looks like a tortoise.

Air Hole
On the path to the rear of the Kirishima Jingu, there is an air hole that shoots out a breeze. This breeze sounds like the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon, laughing...

The Holy River
About 250m west of Kirishima Jingu lies a small river. This river is mostly dry from November through April. But amazingly, every year in May water gushes down this river along with tons of fishes.

Twice River
About 300m west of Kirishima Jingu lies a river. Every year in June this river flow constantly but after ten days it dries up. Then a few days later, this river is again full of water. Strange?
This strange phenomenon occurs about same time every year.
The Midnight Kagura
Kagura is a musical that is performed in front of the gods. Long ago there was story that sounds of Kagura was heard in the middle of the night at the furthest end of Kirishima Jingufs main hall. Till this day, sounds of Kagura can be heard from time to time.